WHY Type Disposable Circular Stapler
Procedure Prolapse and Hemorrhoids
Procedure Prolapse and Hemorrhoids
FHY Type Disposable Linear Stapler
Disposable Auto Linear Stapler
QGY Type Disposable Linear cutter&Linear Cutt...
Disposable Curved Cutter Staper
Wuxi Bokang Medical Apparatus Co.,Ltd.
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Address:No.208Yongli Road Huangtu Industrial Zone, Jiangyin
Founded in 2005, Wuxi Bokang Medical Apparatus Co.,Ltd.(Bokang)is a special company integrating scientific research, design and manufacture medical devcies such as stapler. Located at Jiangyin which enjoys convenient traffic. Bokang has the capacity to research, develop and manufacture medical devices belong to Class Ⅰ, Ⅱ.
  Tel: 0510-86682932 Fax: 0510-86684062
Address:No.208Yongli Road Huangtu Industrial Zone, Jiangyin    Copyright:Wuxi Bokang Medical Apparatus Co.,Ltd.(Bokang) 2011 [admin]
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